Detox Off of Alcohol

alcohol-abuseAlcohol plays a significant role in the social and economic functions in the western world. Through beer, wine, and spirit sales, alcohol has become a party staple and can create a lot of great memories. Conversely, alcohol has the ability to become depended upon.

Those in the clasp of alcohol’s hands may not be enjoying themselves as they drink, but instead be caught up in a personal hell of dependance. If you are experiencing this, it is time to quit drinking. Quitting is not a fun process, and is in fact quite difficult. But if you make the choice to quit drinking, you will be making a healthy choice for you and your family, and you will thank yourself for the difficult journey you are about to take.

We recommend that you consult with a doctor before trying to stop drinking. Your physician will help you craft a plan as to what the best option is in order to stop drinking. He or she may recommend that you stop cold turkey, wean yourself off slowly, or enter a rehab facility.

If that is not possible, we recommend that you take the following steps in order to maximize your chances for a successful detox:

  • Clear your house of all booze: You need to get rid of everything in your house that can be drank in order to stop yourself from being even more tempted to get back into the bottle. This is probably one of the most important steps that you can take in order to be successful.
  • Drink lots of water: You will be miserable for the first few days after giving up alcohol. To keep from dry heaving and becoming dehydrated. You cannot drink enough water during the withdrawal process.
  • Exercise: Keep your mind off of drinking and keep your body busy by engaging in stimulating exercise. Running is a great way to kill time and keep your mind busy.

Your withdrawal will take a few days in order to start feeling normal again, but when you do, you will be a new person. Make sure to take the time to enjoy every day that you are sober, and admit when you are feeling tempted by alcohol.

A strong support network is necessary in order to be successful in quitting drinking, and we recommend that you join AA or some other group that can assist you in staying clean.

We wish you the best of luck in your new sober life and hope that this guide had some helpful tips.