Detox Off of Cocaine

cocaine-abuseIf you are a regular user of cocaine or crack, there is a good chance that you have become addicted to it. Cocaine is a serious drug, and its effects can be enthralling. However, when the drug becomes too much to handle, and you have to give it up. This is where detoxing comes in.

We aren’t here to lie to you: Cocaine is a difficult drug to give up, and if you go it alone you will feel like crap for the first couple of days. After that though, you will be a new person, a person who is free from the shackles of cocaine addiction.

Alternatively, if you are looking to just kick the rock for a few days in order to to pass a drug test, your work will not be nearly as hard. Efforts can be made to subvert such a drug test, or at least make yourself clean enough to pass.

Thankfully we will cover all of those topics in this guide.

As always, we try to make sure that our information is 100% accurate, but we encourage you to do your own homework before taking a course of action.

If you are attempting to give up cocaine because you are addicted, congratulations. You have made a tough choice and should be commended for taking a course of action that will make you a healthier person.
When giving up cocaine, you will either want to go cold turkey, or wean yourself off of the drug slowly. We recommend going cold turkey, as after you break the first few days it will be an easier process. During the time you are kicking the powder, you will get cravings and a “crash”, which will make you feel truly miserable. Don’t worry though, this just shows that you are winning. Make sure to drink lots of water and try to keep something in your stomach. These withdrawals will resolve themselves within 24-72 hours on average.

If you are looking to just get off of cocaine long enough to pass a drug test, you will want to know the following information:

  • Cocaine leaves your system fairly quickly: and unless you are having a hair drug test, the coke will be out of your system with 2-5 days (7-10 days if you are a heavy, heavy user).
  • Make sure to drink lots of water before the test. Since cocaine flushes out of your system so quickly, you will want to make sure that you aid that as much as possible. It is not unheard of to drink liters of water every day before a test.
  • Drink creatine. If you drink too much water, your urine will be too light. To combat this, drink some creatine to give your pee the weight it needs.

We hope that these tips will help you in your body’s quest to detoxify yourselfRocco Giamatteo, whether it is for your health or for a drug test.