Detox Off of LSD


LSD or “acid” is a psychedelic drug that creates hallucinations among its users. Prolonged use can be harmful, however, as the case of Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett. Barrett used LSD heavily, and ended up having a mental breakdown just as the band was about to make it big. Barrett ended up leaving the band and lived in his parents’ basement until he died in 2006.

If you feel that you have a problem with LSD, we have some tips in order to help you get off this drug. As always, we try to get our information as accurate as possible, but insist that you do your homework before taking a course of treatment when trying to get off of acid.

LSD is a serious drug, and professional help is almost certainly required in order to protect yourself and your family while you are coming off of the drug.

Most people decide to come off of LSD after a bad trip, and it is imperative that you make the decision to start your detox when you are not tripping anymore.

Despite the odd feelings that come with meeting with a psychiatrist, one may help you make it through the effects you may be experiencing from overuse or a bad trip based on LSD. You may not be willing to admit it, but having someone looking after you during this time is likely one of the most constructive things that can be done when getting off of acid.

If going it alone, make sure that you put yourself in a realm where you are less likely to do any harm to yourself or others. Try a room without too many objects to get a hold of and do your best to just remain calm.

We hope that you are able to overcome the large hurdle of separating yourself from LSD and are able to lead a healthy sober life.