Detox Off of Marijuana

Bush of a hemp

Okay, so you are a serious marijuana smoker. You don’t just like to party on the weekends; you like to smoke at least once a day and have had a happy life of doing it. But now the time has come for you to detox yourself off of the herb, and you don’t know where to start.

First things first: It will be okay. You will be able to function without getting high, and you will be able to pass any upcoming drug test that you have coming your way. But where do you start? Why do you even have to detox off of this stuff in the first place? How long does it take?

Those are all questions that are legitimate, and we are here to help you get off marijuana, even if it is only a temporary detox. We have written the following guide as a quick reference about marijuana and the easiest ways to get yourself detoxed off of it.

As with any of our guides, please make sure to do your own homework on this issue. We do our best to give 100% accurate information, but we can’t verify that what is true now will be the case down the road. The bottom line: Do your homework.

The first thing you should know is that marijuana stays in your system longer than almost any other drug out there. The chemicals in marijuana have a way of sticking into your body’s fat cells, and sits there for quite some time before it leaves your system. For urine tests, the herb can be stay for up to 30 days; for hair the results can linger for up to three months.

What that means to you is that you will either need a vast amount of time to detox, or use an agent to wipe the drug from your system temporarily in order to allow you to pass a drug test.

Those looking to detox off of marijuana have three options:

–        Do it naturally: This will take up to 90 days if you want the drug’s compounds to be removed from your hair. During this process you will want to drink lots of water and exercise frequently. This will make sure that the drug leaves the body as quickly as is naturally possible.

–        Use a masking agent: If you have a rapidly approaching drug test and have not had the time to naturally detox, you will want to use a masking agent in order to make sure that you drop clean. This is either a liquid solution that you drink before giving urine, or a shampoo that you use to hide marijuana’s presence in your hair. Both of these options aren’t as good as the natural way, but they have been known to save many people’s jobs. Take an at home drug test to be sure!

–        Switch the sample: If you can’t get the masking agent or do it naturally, there is always the option of using urine from a different specimen. This may be illegal, depending on where you live or where you are giving urine, but it is an option. Keeping the sample at the proper temperature and consistency is key when using urine from another sample.