Detox Off of Methamphetamine

Teenage Problems, Social Issues and BullyingIf you are a regular user of Methamphetamine, you likely are or know someone who is addicted to methamphetamine. This drug is seriously addicting, and it is reported to be one of the hardest drugs to pull away from.

There are generally two types of people who are looking to get off of meth: those who are addicted and want to start a clean and sober life, and those who want to just be clean enough to pass a drug test.

This guide is designed to give advice to both types of people. While we try to make sure that the information we provide is as accurate as possible, we cannot take responsibility for what we write. Therefore we encourage you to do additional research before taking a course of action.

If you are an addicted person who wants to get clean to start a sober life: congratulations. You are taking up a difficult, but worthwhile journey, and we applaud the decision you have made to better yourself. While the choice to quit isn’t easy, it will definitely be worth it once the meth is out of your system.

While getting off of meth, you are likely to experience the following withdrawal symptoms: depression, anxiety, fatigue, paranoia, aggression, and cravings. Because meth is so addictive, it is likely that these symptoms will be more severe than if you are trying to cut loose from other addictive substances.

If you are deciding to start a detox, it is advisable that you consult with a doctor to get some medications to help make the withdrawal symptoms less severe. Although nothing will ever take these effects completely away, prescription drugs can lessen the physical symptoms that you will feel.

Methamphetamine withdrawal takes a long time, but you will begin feeling a lot better after a week or two of being off. It may take up to a year to feel totally better and recovered, but it is worth it!

If you are trying to beat a methamphetamine drug test, rest assured that the drug moves through our bodies VERY quickly. Urine and saliva tests can only detect methamphetamine for 1-5 days, dependent on the amount of usage you have put yourself through. As with any other test, you will be wise to drink lots of water in an effort to move whatever residue is left in your body.

Other than that one tip, there really isn’t much more to say about beating a meth test. They really aren’t that difficult to beat, and you will do well to keep that in mind when dropping a sample.