Detox Off of Mushrooms


Aside from marijuana, magic mushrooms are perhaps the least addictive recreational drugs around. Found in nature, magic mushrooms give users hallucinations and alter the conscious mind, creating an effect that a lot of people find to be fun and entertaining.

However, some people end up having bad trips or need to end up passing a drug test, and therefore want to detoxify their bodies of the ‘shroom. Thankfully, magic mushrooms are some of the easiest drugs to get out of your body, and do not stay in your system for a very long time.

We have written this guide to help give you some information about the detox process, and how you can prepare for any drug test that is coming your way. As with any of our other guides, we try to make sure that the information we present is 100 percent true, but know that we cannot be sure that nothing has changed in the period between when we published this article and when you read it. We encourage you to do your homework before taking a path to detoxify yourself of magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms contain a psychedelic agent known as psilocybin. This is the stuff in the mushrooms that actually gets you high, and is what drug testers are looking for when they give you a drug test. Thankfully, psilocybin is not stored in your body’s fat content, and expels itself from your system very quickly.

While it is possible for psilocybin to be detected in a standard drug test, it is generally not tested for under the standard employment of jail house drug screens. Instead, these tests tend to focus on marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines.

If you are somehow given a more extensive test that can detect mushrooms, you should know that most of the drug’s psychedelic agent is out of your system within eight hours. Trace amounts can linger for a few weeks, but this amount generally is not enough for you to fail a drug test with.

There are studies that claim that psilocybin can be detected through a spinal tap, but the odds of being given a drug test in this manner is about the same as you hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas.

Now that you know the basics of the drug tests, how can you speed up the detox process? Water. Lots of it.

That is the only surefire way to cleanse your system, and is really the only thing we can recommend when it comes to detoxing off of mushrooms. Besides your body’s rapid exit strategy for the stuff, water is the only other thing that can carry it away.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this guide and had any concerns about a mushroom drug test put to rest.