Detox Off of Xanax

xanax-pillsThroughout the world there are millions of people treating themselves for depression. In that battle, one drug has come to the forefront in the market of treating such ailments. That drug is Xanax, and it has been prescribed my many doctors to treat anxiety and insomnia caused by depression. Because of its popularity and potency, Xanax has unfortunately become addictive and abused by some users.

Even if you aren’t abusing Xanax, it is completely possible for you to become addicted to the drug. Those looking for information regarding detox off of the drug have come to the right place. We have constructed a guide that has a few tips about what detox can be like, and how you can boost your chances at success of beating that addiction.

When trying to detoxify your body off of Xanax, you will likely go through the following symptoms: anxiety, panic, hallucinations, insomnia, moodiness, tremors, convulsions, nightmares, and nausea. Needless to say, the drug is some heavy stuff, and you will likely not feel the best when first giving it up.

Expect withdrawal symptoms to last at least 3-4 days, with some lingering effects possibly lasting a few month if going cold turkey. If at all possible, it is advisable that you wean yourself off of the drug using a step down method.

A step down method takes place over several months, and requires the user to gradually lower the amount of Xanax that a user takes. During this period, withdrawal symptoms are lessened, and addicts who finally quit taking the drug are able to do with with virtually none of the side effects that those giving it up cold turkey do.

If you are reading this and making the decision to give up Xanax, please make sure that you contact your family physician in order to get some tips and assistance from a professional. Also, make sure to inform your family or friends so that they can help you with what can be a difficult transition.