Types of Detox

Proper cleansing of impurities from your body can enhance your immune system, reduce food intolerance, improve overall energy, and offers numerous other health benefits.  Permanent detox programs are designed to effectively remove, not mask, toxins from your system.  Most permanent products require a 7 day commitment or combine detox beverages with capsules for added effectiveness.

Temporary Drug Detox

Temporary detox products are great for flushing out or masking toxins in your system for a short period of time.  Of course the best way to remove toxins is through a permanent detox program, but if you are short on time, these temporary products will do wonders and give you peace of mind.

Permanent Drug Detox

Permanent detox products are meant to flush toxins out of your system for good.  For someone who has 7 days or more to detox, permanent cleansers are the way to go. They often provide a 7 day program with multiple pills to be taken per day. The supplements usually include a large amount of vitamins and minerals to replenish your natural levels and a diuretic to speed the flush process.

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